Does spending time alone boosts your creativity and productivity

What do you think spending time alone boosts your creativity and productivity

First, how do you feel when you are alone vs lonely?

Do you feel like you own the whole world.?? Then that’s the place you belong to, To stay alone is not to isolate yourself from everyone else, it is to spend more time with yourself. Getting to know yourself better. Clear the difference between being alone and staying lonely, beforehand. To stay alone is embracing yourself, enjoying your own company, not caring for what the others are up to. On the side, feeling lonely is to be lost and not be able to find a companion.

But why should you spend time alone.??

Let’s say, you are out with your friends, no matter how close they are to you, did you never feel you were being held back.?? Were you never afraid of what the people would think of if u acted a certain way?? Then try going out alone and have an experience for yourself. That may sound intimidating to some while others may find it just not so logical spending a vacation on your own. But, keep your thoughtful mind aside and let’s say you followed your instinct for once, packed your bags and left straight for a holiday.

Let’s say, you went to the beach. Imagine, you are just a few steps away from the waves, as you walk towards it you see the sea coming into the view. How overwhelming it would be for you.?? You just brought back the promises you made to yourself as a kid. What are you still walking for, leave all your bags and just run towards the ocean? Give it a nice figurative hug and say hi!! Did you see the waves hitting back.?? That’s her getting excited at the child inside you, looking forward to playing with her.

Now when you stand up and move your eyes up, where did you land?? Did you see that place where the sky meets the sea, not very far from you.??

See, that’s exactly where the love for yourself is. It might look like it’s not very far from where you’re standing, but your whole life would not be enough to reach there. That’s how much is the journey you must take to make you love you.

Now let’s say you got only a sailboat to go on, so since you got the impulse you just follow it and take it. You are still alone and hypothetical, so you have all the supplies on the boat you need forever and you start the journey. You keep going, you might be tired and days later you might feel hopeless of reaching it. But when you look back you come so far you have nothing but a lot of saltwater around you.

alone time

See, that’s exactly where you are in real life.NOWHERE!! Now the journey which you thought was fun just got scary and sad. But what is my point here??? What did you come for in the first place.?? To see the place where the sky meets the ocean, not to look at the sea you are strangled in and worry about it. You should not end up worrying about the road when you have to reach your destiny.

So if you say the horizon is your self-love, then your journey to it gotta be through the meaningless sea. But the whole picture is what makes it a lot more beautiful. The journey of loving yourself is eternal and worth all it.

But how to spend time alone in real-life..??

In real life, you don’t have to go on great journeys to have some quality time with you. Which is actually the best part of it. You can just lay there in your own bed, in very comfortable pajamas, and in a messy bun.

Now, who in their sane sense of mind would love you if you looked like this?? But see there you in complete love and awe with you.

That’s why you spend time with yourself, to show some love in the most disgusting shapes a homo sapien could exist in. Also,  you could spend doing your favorite things instead of compromising to please your clan.

You could binge-watch your favorite series for the hundredth time without anyone judging your choices. If you thought that’s the end of it.?? No.! it gets better, you don’t have to skip the intimate stuff, or you can just decide on reading your books. Sit in a perfect corner with a cup of coffee, a book and leave all your worries behind. Voila!! You just took yourself on an adventure sitting right there.

You could sing, dance, around …or do the wildest stuff being all alone. Maybe throw a condom balloon party to yourself.?? Go crazy. Not just that, when you are alone you can spice up even the most mundane crap. You don’t have to do something skillful always, go easy on you.

What Will Change if you love Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone can help you improve yourself and discover your deeper instincts and creativity. Your mind is a wonderful reflection of your thoughts, give it the chance to communicate with you, listen to her, and pay attention.

But don’t act the way your heart is directing you, yes you have unleashed an inner monster, but it’s also your responsibility to let her know the limitations, which in other words is introspection.

Introspection is an integral part of making you a better person. Making yourself better is a good thing but not at the cost of troubling others’ sanity.

At a given point in time you might have all the luxury, money or anything else, but what is a person’s life without a perspective.? The more you spend your time with you the clearer are you on the terms of your perspective. Create your own little comfortable place to go and hide at times of discomfort.


How spending time alone can make you a more creative and productive person.

soulful writers and poets or an artist?? Are they an extinct breed.?? obviously not, all they do is investing time in themselves by spending time alone to help them expand the limits of their imagination. who knows what you can do if you start investing time in yourself in the exact way you love. this is not just what I say even science proves that spending time alone helps you to grow your creativity, productivity, and self-esteem.

Investing time in yourself helps you to know you better than ever, improves your health, develops your ability to make decisions, changes the perspective you see things, and helps to experience the most “aha” moments of your life.


You must be wasting a lot of your life loving and spending time with others, now it is time to start loving you and spending time with yourself to grow and get the best out of you because that is the only way you can find the limits of your ability, the day you can sit alone doing and thinking nothing and can feel warm and comfortable is when you are going to know yourself completely.

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