How fear of embarrassment knocks down your self-esteem forever

Firstly, what is an embarrassment?

 Before discussing the fear of embarrassment It is important to know what it is. Embarrassment is an uncomfortable situation a person encounters as a consequence of his actions, which may end up in him feeling humiliated.

But are you alone? No. It is quite universal and every person living would have encountered it. But the things a person would feel offended and humiliated vary depending on various factors. They can arise as a result of our actions, or from other actions. But most importantly to be embarrassed or not depends on the individual.

Fear of embarrassment

What can be the causes of embarrassment?

The causes can be primary. Primary embarrassment is when your actions lead you to be humiliated.

Certain cases can result in secondary embarrassments. This can result from us witnessing other people’s actions. This can sometimes also cause harassment and eve-teasing or just your drunk friend shouting on the road while you are accompanying them.

What can be the instances that land us in embarrassments?

1. Slipping and falling can be a common cause in adults. This may leave the person feeling clumsy and unorganized.

2. It can be because of wardrobe malfunctions. A person might feel vulnerable if he experiences greater exposure out of his/her comfort.

3. certain persons can take embarrassments in low performances or grades.

4. In the current online era, sending wrong texts can be a major cause of embarrassment. Imagine drunk texting your ex or your high school crush..?? Could you decide which can be worse.??!!

5. Another more important cause can be a casual group mocking. It’s the worst kind, and most frequently faced the problem of the and teenagers. Victims of bullying in high school often grow up to be socially awkward persons.

What makes the situation worse?

The spectators and audience of course. You made witnesses of your foolish act. And of course, their added laughter and ridicule. And the one friend who would never let you go of it. And most importantly -YOU. You of all would not let it go and keep brooding for days. Including nights where you fail to sleep thinking about it. You quite exaggerated it.

But what can be the consequences to it?

The person may feel conflicted and frustrated to further go on any gatherings or encounter the persons who stand the witnesses of his situation. The person may undergo mental trauma and which can be further inflicted upon their self-esteem.

How can fear of Embarrassment end up harming one’s self-esteem?

Many persons encountering an embarrassment quite naturally develop anxieties and panic. The natural reaction to which is avoidance. isolates and ends up in solitude trying to prevent any more embarrassment. But it will not end there.

These hard and humiliating situations can drag down the traces of confidence in the person that prevents him/her to be exposed and express their feelings in public and this even gets worse when the people around acts as the reminders of the embarrassing situations happened can even lead to kills the ability of the person to dream big, take critical decisions of their life.

The constant reminders and thoughts of the embarrassing experience make the individual hopeless about life, dreams, and makes him feel worth nothing can cause depression. even psychology experts say fear of embarrassment affects self-esteem

So if you are acting as the reminder, Voila!! You have successfully made the person’s self-esteem hit the rock bottom.

So, what can be done to get out of this fear of embarrassment?

1. Force yourself to come out of the situation. If you can’t do it all on your own, Take friends help in boosting your confidence.

2. Read books that inflict your personality.

3. A happy person is less likely to encounter an embarrassment or keep brooding over it. Create your hobbies and keep yourself busy.

4. Pets can be a great help in keeping you busy and letting you know that you are loved.

5. If that fails, you even can take professional help, can attend counsellings or self-development programs.

You cannot change the situation, but you surely can change your reaction to it! Just think, how stupid it is you remember the one time you slipped and never went back on the dance floor. It’s not like the president of America would fall once and give up being president, because the whole nation witnessed it.

Take pride in all of it and walk away confidently. Avoidance is not taking you anywhere. Make your way of doing things.there are no standard rules in achieving your target. Maybe add your pinch of humor to the presentation. It not only makes it quirky but also adds to your unique style.

Make clear the fact that if you are addressing a group, you in the first instance are going to have all the eyes on you. Why not make the best use of your attention-grabbing behavior for this. Embrace your clumsiness with confidence. No harm in making the crowd laugh one or two times. This can even leave you as the crowd favorite.

Develop an aspect of humor, laugh along. Afterall how monotonous do you want your life to be? It’s not a bad thing to have a few laughs when you look back at life. Take pride in yourself, nothing is more satisfactory than loving what a hot mess you are.

If you still can’t let go of it, forget and move on. And also who in their busy lives you think have time to remember the one time you unintentionally made a clown of yourself.?


see it as an opportunity to make a better self of you. Nothing is above your self-esteem, and nothing can let your personality down if you learn to tackle the situations. Overcoming awkward situations sometimes even show immunity and boost to other similar situations. Because let’s be real, we know life is a cycle and it does not end in just one awkward situation.

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